content="Find deliciously easy, family-pleasing recipes for leftover beef dishes, casseroles and pot pies, including Hearty Reuben Potato Casserole, Mom's Beef Pot Pie and Beefy Sweet Potato Hash.">
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Recipes for Leftover Beef Dishes, Casseroles & Pot Pies

Explore more recipes for leftover beef dishes, casseroles and pot pies listed below the featured recipes:

Beefy Sweet Potato HashRecipe: Beefy Sweet Potato Hash

The perfect way to give leftover steak or roast new life, this hash is made with sweet potatoes and taco seasoning.

Any Day Beef Pot Pie<Recipe: Any Day Beef Pot Pie

Unlike traditional recipes for beef pot pie, this one doesn't call for leftover/cooked beef for the filling, instead it uses thin strips of beef steak that are quickly stir-fried.

Hearty Reuben Potato CasseroleRecipe: Hearty Reuben Potato Casserole

Leftover corned beef? Turn it into a whole new tasty dish with this hearty, Reuben-style casserole. Recipe by Chef Roberto Donna.

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