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Gnocchi with Blue Cheese, Wild Mushrooms
and Rosemary Madeira Cream

Gnocchi with Blue Cheese, Wild Mushrooms and Rosemary Madeira CreamThis exceptional recipe for homemade potato gnocchi served with a rich cream sauce made with wild mushrooms, fresh rosemary, Madeira and blue cheese was created by Chef Louis Moskow.

Recipe Ingredients:

6 large baking potatoes, peeled
6 large eggs
6 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, ground
1 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
3 cups (12 ounces) Wisconsin Parmesan Cheese, grated

6 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons garlic, chopped
1 1/2 pounds wild mushrooms, chopped
1 1/2 cups Madeira
3 tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped
4 1/2 cups heavy cream
3 1/2 cups (18 ounces) Wisconsin Blue Cheese

Cooking Directions:

  1. For Gnocchi: Put potatoes into saucepan, cover with water, heat to boiling, cook 15 to 18 minutes until potatoes can be pierced with a wooden skewer. Drain; cool, and press through a ricer into a bowl. Add eggs, flour, nutmeg, salt, pepper and cheese and mix well.
  2. Roll dough into 1/2-inch logs using flour to prevent sticking. Cut into 1-inch pieces. Crease with a fork to leave an impression across the center of each piece to hold sauce.
  3. Bring pot of water to a boil and add the gnocchi; boil until gnocchi float to top, about 2 minutes. Remove and drain well. Keep warm.
  4. For Sauce: Over medium heat, melt butter in large sauté pan and add garlic and mushrooms. Cook 5 to 8 minutes until soft.
  5. Add Madeira and cook about 2 minutes.
  6. Add rosemary and cream and simmer for another 2 minutes.
  7. Add 3/4 of the Wisconsin Blue Cheese. Add cooked gnocchi to sauce.
  8. Serve and garnish with remaining blue cheese and sprig of rosemary.

Makes 12 servings.

Recipe and photograph provided courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Inc.