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Do I need to dissolve yeast first when using a bread machine?

I am using a recipe listed for Bread Machine bread, when adding the yeast, is it to be dissolved first or added directly into the bread pan with the other ingredients as stated in the recipe? Thanks so much, Bev.


Although yeast is not dissolved before using in a bread machine--or for that matter in some recipes--I would recommend dissolving it first in the warmed liquid of the recipe. If the liquid is milk, you may wish to scald it first and cool down to 180°F (82°C) before using. The reason for scalding is that although milk is pasteurized today, pasteurization only reduces the amount of bacteria and enzymes to acceptable levels for consumption. Scalding kills any remaining enzymes that can kill or inhibit the yeast causing a decrease in rising. However, with that said, scalding the milk may not make that much difference for the very reason that the milk has been pasteurized and many cooks today don't bother with it, but those who do, do it for peace of mind and assurance of a well-risen loaf of bread.

Another caution is to not add salt to the yeast when dissolving as the salt will kill the yeast.

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