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Beverage & Drink Recipes

It's a thoughtful and hospitable custom to offer guests something to drink...especially when the liquid refreshment tastes great!

CooksRecipes has hundreds of quality, kitchen-tested recipes for beverages and drinks that you can count on for deliciousness. Find recipes for wholesome smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, hot chocolate, specialty coffee and tea drinks, lemonade, party punches and cocktails.

Berry Good For You SmoothieRecipe: Berry Good For You Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get a dose of fruit, fiber and good fats. This shake is loaded with antioxidants and full of flavor.

Hot Cocoa Mix In a JarRecipe: Hot Cocoa Mix In a Jar

Ah, is there nothing finer after a day in the snow than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa?

Agua FrescaRecipe: Agua Fresca

Agua frescas—Spanish for water refreshments—are popular in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and are made from fruits blended with sugar and water to make a nonalcoholic beverage.

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