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What is "hot roll mix"?

The recipe Swedish Rye Bread looks very interesting. But though the ingredients don't list all-purpose flour, the directions say to add it. Also, there is something called "hot roll mix" listed. What is it? It is hard to believe that 1 pound of hot roll mix plus 3/4 cup of rye flour will yield two loaves of bread capable of serving 12. Can you help?


The directions for the recipe Swedish Rye Bread calls for the use of all-purpose flour "if necessary" when kneading it, in other words, if the bread dough's surface is too sticky even after you have "lightly floured" the surface on which you knead the bread, a little more may be needed to make kneading easier.

The hot roll mix is a packaged convenience food much like a cake mix is, only instead of a cake, it is a shortcut for making yeast rolls or bread. You should be able to find this product at a grocery store on the same aisle as you would packaged quick bread mixes.

As for the recipe making 2 loaves, the directions call for the dough to be divided and formed into two 6-inch circles, hence the "2 loaves".

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