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How do you make the new lighter version of decorator icing?

I love your website. Keep up the good work! My question is: How do you make the new lighter version of icing for decorated cakes, and wedding cake icing is what I need. Does it need refrigeration? The icing I'm talking about actually looks and tastes like whip cream, but it has enough body to it to hold up for decorating and designing. Please, can you help me out? Thanks.


First, thank you for your kind words about the site, they are much appreciated.

I am not familiar with the new type of decorator icing you've described. Without knowing the ingredients, I cannot tell you whether or not it needs refrigeration, however if whipping cream is one, then yes it would need to be refrigerated. There is a cake frosting here at the site that is light and fluffy, holds its shape well for decorating cakes, and does not require refrigeration.

Fluffy Cake Decorator's Frosting

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