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How much juice is in a lime?

I was just wondering, how many limes should I buy to get 1/4 cup of lime juice, or can I just use that lime juice in the plastic lime?


Oh boy, there are so many variants here! How much juice you get from 1 lime is dependent on its size and just how juicy it is--some are so dry you can barely get a few drops from them. The heavier the lime, the more juice it is likely to contain. You should be able to get 1/4 cup of lime juice from 2 to 3 limes.

You can use the "lime juice" that comes in those little plastic limes, but the taste is inferior and does not come close to fresh lime juice. Personally, I wouldn't use it even in a pinch.

A good rule-of-thumb is that if a recipe calls for the juice of 1 lime, it is asking for about 2 tablespoons.

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