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How do I make crispier loaded nachos?

I am having trouble cooking loaded nachos. When at a restaurant they are home they are soggy and don't stay crisp...any ideas why?


For nachos that remain crispier to the last bite you need to keep in mind what ingredients are likely to contribute to the softening of the tortilla chips. If you are using seasoned cooked ground beef, make sure it is well-drained before using because there is water in the liquid that cooks out. Raw onions and peppers, fresh tomatoes, olives not drained well, salsas (especially the fresh/uncooked variety) can all contribute an excess of "chip-softening" liquid.

My suggestion would be to load up only the cooked meat and cheese on the tortilla chips to bake and then top with the desired condiments afterwards...and let each person top their own portion of nachos with the salsa.

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