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How can I stop my pavlova from beading or weeping?

After storing my pavlova for a few days it beads. How can I stop that, what am I doing wrong? Thank you for your time.


Over-cooking, not humidity will cause your pavlova to bead and under cooking will cause your pavlova to weep. However, on humid days sugar may absorb more moisture and if the pavlova is not baked sufficiently, it may be more prone to weeping. Also, too much sugar will cause it to weep.

Allow pavlova to cool in the oven, either with the door closed or slightly ajar. This step will help immensely in "setting" it. The pavlova can collapse more than you want if removed while hot and it hits the colder air of the room.

Lastly, allow the pavlova to cool completely before storing in an airtight container. Meringues kept this way will (or should) last indefinitely.

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