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What sauce should I use with my Moroccan-style dish?

I recently experimented and tried to make a pie with chicken, pine nuts, carrots, raisins and cinnamon. The filling was delicious but my pastry was awful so I've decided that next time I'll leave it out. The only problem is, last time the chicken was ever so slightly dry so I'm looking for a good sauce and side to go with it. Any suggestions? The original dish was Moroccan so I'm thinking couscous but what sort of sauce should I use? Thank you very much.


Sounds like you are a very clever and creative cook...exactly what makes a great cook! Don't give up on your pastry, practice until you get it down pat! Here's our recipe with loads of tips: Basic Pie Crust 101. Also, next time try brushing the bottom crust with an egg wash to prevent it from becoming soggy (not that yours was!).

As far as sauce goes, a can or two of diced tomatoes added to your chicken mixture would complement the flavors and still stay within the Moroccan theme, especially when served over couscous.

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