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Chicken Breasts with Poblano Sauce

Chicken Breasts with Poblano SauceRoasted poblano peppers add delicious depth of flavor to this incredibly creamy sauce. In addition to topping chicken, this easy and versatile sauce is terrific with other foods. Toss it with pasta or spoon over vegetables or seafood—the possibilities are endless!

The poblano is a mild chile pepper popularly used in southwestern cooking. When dried, it is called a chile ancho, which means "wide chile". If you prefer more kick, use ripened red poblanos as they are significantly hotter and more flavorful than the less ripe, green poblano.

Recipe Ingredients:

6 to 8 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves, cooked and kept warm
2 large poblano peppers, roasted, peeled and deveined
1 (12-ounce) can NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Evaporated Milk
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 teaspoon MAGGI Granulated Chicken Flavor Bouillon
1 tablespoon butter or margarine
2 teaspoons all-purpose flour

Cooking Directions:

  1. Place evaporated milk, peppers, garlic and bouillon in blender; cover. Blend to desired consistency (chunky or smooth sauce).
  2. Melt butter in medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour, stirring constantly until smooth. Gradually stir in poblano mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes just to a boil and thickens. Makes about 2 cups.
  3. To Serve: Cooked chicken breasts can be placed on individual plates or all on serving platter. Spoon sauce over chicken breasts. If any sauce is remaining, place in bowl or small pitcher for all to enjoy.

Makes 6 to 8 servings.

Recipe and photograph are the property of Nestlé® and, used with permission.