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Chicken Broth

No recipe image available.Use this homemade broth for preparing soups, sauces and other dishes calling for chicken broth. Use the cooked chicken in any recipe calling for cooked chicken or cool and freeze for later use.

Recipe Ingredients:

1 (4 to 5-pound) stewing chicken, cut up
1 1/4 quarts hot water
2 teaspoons salt
5 (3-inch) pieces of celery with leaves
3 small carrots
2 medium onions
1 large tomato, quartered

Cooking Directions:

  1. Place chicken, reserving liver, in large stewing kettle. Add water, salt and vegetables. Cover and bring to a boil; reduce heat. Uncover and remove foam. Simmer tightly covered 2 to 3 hours, adding the liver for the last 15 minutes.
  2. Remove chicken from broth and use in any recipe calling for cooked chicken, or cool and freeze for use at a later date. Strain the broth through a cheesecloth-lined colander. Cool slightly. Skim off the fat that rises to the top. If broth is too rich, add more water.
  3. Refrigerate in covered container for up to 1 week or freeze in measured portions for easy use for up to 6 months.

Makes 1 quart chicken broth.