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Whipping Cream Tips

Helpful tips, how-to's and useful information about how to whip cream into billowy clouds of fluffy yum! Whipped cream is perfect for gilding countless types of desserts with an artfully placed dollop of smooth and luscious sweetened whipped cream.

Be sure to chill a metal bowl, beaters, or the whisk you'll use to whip the cream in your freezer, about 15 minutes for best results. You'll find the cream will whip faster and more fully. If, however, you don't have time to chill the bowl, you can immerse it in a larger bowl filled with ice water and proceed as usual.

Use powdered (confectioner's sugar) to sweeten cream-it not only dissolves quickly, but also helps stabilize the whipped cream due the fact it contains cornstarch.

If you accidentally over beat heavy or whipping cream so much so that it begins to turn buttery, gently stir in additional cream, 1 tablespoon at a time. Don't "beat" the cream again or you'll be right back where you began.

Remember to use a bowl that's deep enough, keeping in mind the cream will double in volume when it's whipped.

Decrease the instances of splattering by gradually increasing the speed of the mixer from low to high. You can also protect yourself and your clothes by draping a kitchen towel over the bowl of an electric standing mixer to catch any fly away cream.

A small amount of cream (less than 1 cup) will whip better in a deep narrow bowl than one that's large and wide.

You'll get more volume from whipped cream if you hold off adding sugar or flavorings like vanilla or liqueurs until the cream has been whipped to soft peaks.

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