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Ginger, Ginger root, Gingerroot - the gnarled, bumpy rhizome (called a hand) of a tall flowering tropical plant (Zingerber officinale) native to China; has a tan skin, ivory to greenish-yellow flesh, a peppery, fiery, slightly sweet flavor with notes of lemon and rosemary and a spicy, pungent aroma; used to flavor beverages and in sweet and savory dishes in Asian and Indian cuisines; available fresh, powdered, preserved in sugar, crystallized, candied or pickled.

Gizzard - part of the alimentary canal of fowl, whose function is to “grind” food, sometimes with pebbles swallowed for this purpose.

Glacé - to glaze with sugar syrup; also, to serve iced.

Glaze - any shiny coating applied to a food or created by browning. In meat preparation, a jelled broth applied to meat surface; in breads and pastries, a wash of egg or syrup; for doughnuts and cakes, a sugar preparation for coating.

Glogg - hot wine cup served at Christmas; Swedish.

Glucose - also, dextrose. A natural sugar found in fruits, vegetables, honey and other products.

Gluten - a water-soluble protein found in flour. Kneading flour in bread-making brings out the smooth elastic qualities of the gluten content.

Gnocchi - dumplings made from a paste of flour or potatoes and egg.

Gougère - Gruyère-flavored Choux Pastry that is piped into a ring shape before being baked. A gougère can be served hot or cold as an appetizer or snack.

Goulash - also, gulyas, a rich Hungarian stew made of meat, highly seasoned with paprika.

Gourd - a squash-like vegetable, usually dried and used as a fall decoration.

Graham Flour - a wheat flour similar to wholemeal flour, ground from the whole grain.

Gram (g) - the basic measure of weight in the metric system; 28.35 grams = 1 ounce, and 1000 grams ( a kilogram) = 2.2 U.S. pounds.

Granola - a mix of grains, nuts and dried fruits, sometimes coated with oil and honey, eaten for breakfast or as a snack.

Grappa - a brandy distilled from the stalks and grape skins that remain after the wine has been pressed. See eau-de-vie.

Grapes - smooth-skinned, juicy berries (with or without seeds) that grow in clusters; members of the genus Vitis, they are used for wine-making, raisins and eating out of hand.

Grate - to reduce a larger piece of food to smaller particles by rubbing it against a coarse, serrated surface, either by the use of hand-grater or a food processor.

Grater - a square metal or plastic instrument with perforations stamped in it against which goods can be rubbed to break off particles.

Gravy - a sauce made from meat or poultry juices combined with a liquid (ex. milk, broth or wine) and a thickening agent (ex. flour or cornstarch).

Grease - to cover the cooking surface of a pan or dish with a fat to keep foods from sticking to it.

Great Northern Bean - a large, flat, kidney-shaped white bean; has a delicate flavor and is generally available dried.

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