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Jalapeño - a short, tapering chile with thick flesh, a moderately hot, green vegetable flavor and a dark green color (a red version is also available; it is a green chili that has been allowed to ripen); available fresh or canned;named for the Mexican city of Jalapa.

Jam - fresh whole fruit and sugar cooked into a spread that preserves well.

Jambalaya - a Creole dish of ham, shrimp, crayfish and or sausage (usually chaurice) cooked with rice, tomatoes, green peppers, onions and seasonings.

Jack cheese - (also called Monterey Jack cheese) - Originated in Monterey, California, thus the name. It is also called California Jack or simply Jack cheese. It is a member of the Cheddar family and is a mild, white cheese aged only three to six weeks. The texture of Monterey Jack cheese depends on the type of milk used. If whole milk is used, the cheese will be semi-soft; if skim milk is used, it will be harder and can be used for grating. It has a mild, somewhat bland flavor. It has good melting properties, making it excellent for sandwiches as well as for cooked dishes. Some versions contain flavorings such as jalapeño pepper, black pepper, garlic, vegetable and dill.

Jardiniere - vegetables cut into strips or a soup containing such vegetables.

Jelly - a clear preserve of strained fruit juice with sugar. Jelly of another sort is made by boiling animal or fish bones and tissue.

Jelly Roll - a thin sponge cake spread with jelly or filling and rolled up.

Jerk - a Jamaican preparation method in which meats and poultry are marinated in herbs and spices, then cooked over a pimento (allspice) wood fire; commercial blends of jerk spices are available.

Jeroboam - an oversized bottle, generally holding up to 4 quarts.

Jigger - a liquid measure equal to 1 1/2 fluid ounces.

Johnnycake; Journey Cake - a classic corn bread unique because the meal is water-ground and made from white sweet corn.

Joint - to cut; to cut into pieces at the joint. Also, a British cut of meat for roasting.

Jug - a stew made of game meat, particularly hare - jugged hare. The blood of the animal is used in the stew and it is cooked in a jug or an earthenware pot.
Juice - the liquid released or squeezed from any raw food, whether animal or vegetable, but particularly fruit.

Jujube - the edible fruit of a tropical plant also known as the Chinese date. Also, a chewy gelatin candy.

Julienne - to slice food into very thin shreds or strips.

Junket - milk which has been thickened with rennet, sweetened and is served as dessert. Also, trade name for a flavored dessert mix including rennet.

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