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Galantine - a cold jellied dish of boned chicken, veal, game or fish.

Gallon - an American unit of measurement equal to 128 fluid ounces; contains 8 pints (16 fluid ounces each).

Game - wild animals and birds hunted for sport. Cooked, they are leaner and less fat-sweetened than domestic animals.

Gammon - the same cut of pork as ham, though cured differently.

Garbanzo bean - see chickpea.

Garbure - a casserole or stew made of cabbage, beans, potatoes and pork or bacon.

Garlic - a member of the lily family (Allium sativum); the highly aromatic and strongly flavored edible bulb (called a head) is covered in a papery layer and is composed of several sections (called cloves), each of which is also covered with a papery membrane; used as a distinctive flavoring in cuisines around the world.

Garlic Powder - finely ground dehydrated garlic; used as a seasoning; also known as powdered garlic.

Garlic Salt - a blend of garlic powder, salt and an anticaking agent or humectant; used as a seasoning.

Garnish - to enhance a dish before serving with an edible decoration or accompaniment, which is appealing to the eye and complements the flavors of the dish.

Gastrique - a French term meaning to form a glaze by reduction. Some of the more common gastriques are the tarragon, pepper shallot and vinegar reductions for a classic bearnaise sauce or the red wine, herb and pepper reduction for a poivrade sauce.

Gateaux - 1. French for cake. 2. In the United States, any cake-type dessert. 3. In France, various pastry items made with puff pastry, éclair paste, short dough or sweet dough.

Gazpacho - an iced soup made with fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, onions, and seasonings, marinated overnight. Mexican in origin.

Gefilte Fish- a traditional Jewish dish of poached stuffed fish, whole or in balls, served hot of cold.

Gelatin; Gelatine - a colorless, odorless and flavorless mixture of proteins from animal bones, connective tissues and other parts as well as from certain algae (agar agar); when dissolved in a hot liquid and then cooled it forms a jelly-like substance used as a thickener and stabilizer in molded desserts, cold soups, chaud-froid creations and the like and as a fining agent in beer and wine.

Genoese - a light cake made of eggs, sugar, butter and cake flour. Genoese is known for its versatility. It can be used for baked alaska, lady fingers, an iced birthday cake.

Ghee - clarified butter used in Asian cooking. (Recipes for Clarified Butter and Ghee.)

Gherkin - small cucumber species 1 1/2 inches long, for pickling.

Giblets - the heart, liver, gizzard and neck of fowl and small game, used to make stews, soups and specialty dishes.

Gigot - French term for a leg of lamb.

Ginger Beer - a milky alcoholic drink that is effervescent and ginger flavored. Made with gingerroot.

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