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Olive - the small fruit of a tree native to the Mediterranean region; has a single pit, high oil content, green color before ripening and green or black color after ripening and an inedibly bitter flavor when raw; eaten on its own after washing, soaking and pickling, or pressed for oil; available in a range of sizes (from smallest to largest): medium, colossal, supercolossal and jumbo.

Olive Oil - an oil obtained by pressing tree-ripened olives; has a distinctive fruity, olive flavor and is graded according to its degree of acidity; used as a cooking medium, flavoring and ingredient.

Orange - any of a variety of citrus (Citrus sinensis) with juicy, orange-colored segmented flesh, a thin to moderately thick orange-colored rind and a flavor ranging from bitter to tart to sweet; depending on the variety, an orange can be eaten fresh, cooked in sweet or savory dishes, juiced or used as a flavoring or aromatic.

Orange Water / Orange Flower Water - a liquid essence of distilled orange blossoms, once used for flavoring.

Oregano - an herb (Origanum vulgare) and the wild form of marjoram; has a woody stalk with clumps of tiny, dark green leaves that have a pungent, peppery flavor and are used fresh or dried, principally in Italian and Greek cuisines; also known as wild marjoram.

Orzo - Italian for barley and used to describe rice-like pasta.

Ossobucco - literally, “hollow bone,” this Italian specialty is made of veal marrow bones, usually shin bones, braised in wine with vegetables and seasonings.

Oven Bag - a heat-resistant nylon bag for cooking meals without basting or tending.

Oyster, Blue Point - the name for an oyster found in the waters off Long Island Sound, New York. Also, term used to refer to any good-sized oyster.

Oysters Rockefeller - oysters which are topped with chopped spinach, bacon and seasoned bread crumbs and baked.

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