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Cooking definitions and terms beginning with


Kahlua - a coffee-flavored liqueur.

Kaiser Roll - a large, round yeast roll with a crisp crust, used for making sandwiches or served as a breakfast roll; also known as a hard roll or Vienna roll.

Kakavia - a Greek fish soup.

Kasha - a side dish, like a pasta or rice side dish, served in Eastern Europe. It may be buckwheat, barley, or millet. Also, cooked buckwheat.

Kebab; Kabob - minced meat or cubes of meat on a skewer, usually marinated before cooking.

Kedgeree - an English breakfast dish brought from India, and made of leftover fish, rice and hard-boiled eggs.

Kernel - 1. The softer, usually edible part, contained within the shell of a nut or a stone of a fruit; also known as the meat. 2. The body of a seed within its husk or other outer covering. 3. A whole seed grain (ex. wheat and corn).

Kettle - pot for boiling liquids. In some regions the word has come to mean a pot with a handle and a spout for pouring, as a teakettle.

Kidney Bean - a medium-sized, kidney-shaped bean with a dark red skin, cream-colored firm flesh and a bland flavor; available fresh, dried and canned; also know as red kidney bean.

Kielbasa, Kielbasy - 1. A general term used for most Polish sausages. 2. A Polish sausage made from pork (with beer sometimes added) flavored with garlic; smoked, usually precooked and sold in medium to large links; also known as Polish sausage.

Kipper - fish cured by splitting, salting, and drying or smoking. A breakfast food in England, kippered herring is poached, grilled or baked.

Kirsch - a cherry-flavored liqueur made of black cherries and their pits.

Kisses - meringues. Also, small chocolate candies roll up in twists of silver paper.

Kiwi; Kiwi Fruit; Kiwifruit - a small barrel-shaped fruit (Actinidia sinensis) native to New Zealand; has a greenish-brown skin covered with fuzz, brilliant green flesh that becomes more yellow toward the center, many small, edible black seeds and a sweet-tart flavor; named for the flightless bird of New Zealand; also known as the Chinese gooseberry.

Knead - to work a dough by hand or in a mixer to distribute ingredients and develop gluten.

Knuckle - the ankle joint of pork, veal, and other meat. It is used in stews and pies and particularly in soups.

Kofta - a meat ball popular in the Balkans, the Middle and Far East.

Korma - also, quoorma. A spicy Pakistani/Indian stew made of mutton and yogurt and flavored with the spices that go into a curry.

Kosher - food that conforms to Jewish dietary laws, which were laid down by Moses, according to Biblical accounts of Hebrew history.

Kulich - a traditional Russian Easter cake. It is made of sweet bread dough and candied fruit, baked tall and round like the headgear of a Russian Orthodox priest.

Kummel - a sweet liqueur prepared with caraway seed and cumin, made in regions bordering the eastern coast of the Baltic sea.

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