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Daikon - a Japanese radish.

Damson - a type of plum best used in cooking or for jams and jellies.

Dash - a seasoning measure indicating a scant 1/8 teaspoon or less.

Dashi - a clear fish stock which is the basis of Japanese dishes.

Date - the fruit of a palm tree (phoenix dactylifera) native to the Middle East and Mediterranean region; most varieties are long and ovoid (some are more spherical) with a thin papery skin that is green, becoming yellow, golden brown, black or mahogany red when ripe, extremely sweet flesh with a light brown color, chewy texture and a single, long, narrow seed; eaten fresh or dried.

Daubiere - a cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid used for braising.

Decant - to pour a liquid, generally wine, from one container to another. Red wine is decanted to remove the sediment deposited during the aging process.

Deep-Fat-Frying - to cook in hot fat (about 360 degrees) that is deep enough for food to float - usually a minimum of 3 inches..

Deglaze - to pour hot stock, wine, or water on the degreased sediment left in the roasting or frying pan in which meat has cooked. The purpose of deglazing is to dissolve the caramelized juices of meats dropped during the cooking process. This process is the secret of rich gravies, and a vital step in making good casseroles and soups.

Degrease - to skim the fat from the top of a liquid such as a sauce or stock.

Dehydration - a process that removes the water content from food.

Demi-Glaze - a rich brown sauce or gravy made by reducing meat stock.

Demijohn - a large glass wine container which can hold up to 10 gallons.

Demi-Sec - a distinctive type of sweet champagne.

Demitasse - a small cup of coffee served after dinner.

Dessert wine - any sweet wine, or a wine that has been fortified by the addition of brandy.

Devein - to remove the gritty, grey-black vein running down the curved top of the shelled shrimp by slitting the top of the shrimp open and pulling it out.

Devil, to - to prepare with spicy seasoning or sauce, for instance mustard and cayenne.

Devonshire Cream - a smooth English clotted cream, akin to crème fraîche.

Dhal - the Indian name for lentils.

Dice - to cut food into tiny cubes, usually about 1/4 inch.

Digester - the pressure cooker of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Digestives - liquids or cordials often made with herbs and said to aid digestion. Usually drunk at the end of a meal.

Dijon - a French prepared mustard made in the Dijon region from black or brown mustard seeds, blended with salt, spices and white wine or verjuice; has a clean sharp, medium-hot flavor, yellow-gray color and creamy texture.

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