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Dill - an annual plant and a member of the parsley family (Anethum graveolens); the feathery leaves have a parsley-like flavor with overtones of anise and are used fresh or dried as an herb; the flat, oval, brown seeds have a slightly bitter caraway-like flavor, also with overtones of anise, and are used as a spice.

Dilute - to make a food less concentrated or strong by adding liquid.

Dip - a thick creamy sauce or condiment, served hot or cold, to accompany raw vegetables, crackers, processed snack foods such as potato chips or the like, especially as an hors d'oeuvre; usually made with a mayonnaise, sour cream or cream cheese base and flavorings.

Dissolve - to mix a dry substance with liquid until the dry substance becomes a part of the solution.

Distilled Water - water from which all gases and minerals have been removed.

Divinities - fudge, made with brown or white sugar.

Dobos Torte - a layer cake rich with chocolate cream and caramel.

Dogfish - a common name for a species of small shark valuable for vitamin C in its liver oil.

Dolci - Italian for sweet dishes.

Dot - to randomly distribute small bits of one food (usually butter) on the surface of another food.

Dough - a mixture of flour and other ingredients used in baking and often stiff enough to cut into shapes; has a low moisture content and gluten forms the continuous medium into which other ingredients are embedded; generally has less fat, sugar and liquid than a batter.

Doughnuts - a sweet cake fried in deep fat, and made of yeast-leavened or baking powder-raised dough.

Double Boiler - two saucepans, one of which fits into the top of the other. The lower pan is partially filled with water kept boiling or near boiling to keep the food in the upper pan cooking without excessive or uneven heat.

Dragée - colored sugar-coated nuts or candies.

Drain - to allow a liquid to withdraw from, pour out of, or pour off an item, sometimes with the use of a strainer or colander.

Draw - to remove the entrails of poultry, game.

Drawn Butter - melted butter, sometimes clarified butter.

Dredge - to coat lightly with a dry ingredient, for instance, flour, sugar, bread crumbs, or cornmeal.

Dress - to draw and clean a fowl for cooking. Also, to add dressing to a salad; to garnish.

Drippings - the fat, juices, and other residues separated from meat during cooking and left in the pan, or crusted onto the bottom of the pan. What actually happens is that the substance in the animal juices caramelizes, just as sugar does, on the bottom of a hot pan. Diluting and scraping these up, the cook created the basis for the flavor of the best stews and soups and gravies. Drippings from roasts or sautéed meats in cast iron utensils caramelize exceptionally well, and make possible tastier casseroles and gravies.

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